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VIA Secure

Partner for Identity Management solutions

VIA Access

VIA Access provides you with 2-factor authentication on a subscription base.

VIA Sign On

VIA Sign On provides you with a subscription based Single Sign On service. Creating a safe and transparent environment for accessing to your information systems.

VIA Verify

VIA Verify safeguards critical transaction in your applications.

Executive Scan

Our Executive Scan gives you direct insight in our current maturity level of Cyber Security and identifies the hot spots that need addressing on short term.

About VIA Secure

Your partner in sustainable safe digital society
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VIA Secure beleives that protection of personal information and guarding your identity is essentials for a safe digital environment for organizations and individuals. We enable you with a pragmatic approach in solving Access and Identity Management issues. As Trusted Third Party we deliver Access and Identity Management services.

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  • VIA Sign On
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